The Shape of Language

Cultivated imprecision;
'Ritratti' and 'Annomille'

The font 'Ritratti' is a copy of a font designed and cut by Francesco Griffo at the press of Aldus Manutius in Venice in imitation of handwriting.
It was created for a group of three documentary films by Carlo Mazzacurati and Marco Paolini on three of the greatest living writers of the Veneto region of Italy, Mario Rigoni Stern, Andrea Zanzotto and Luigi Meneghello.

The font 'Annomille,' created for another film by Mazzacurati entitled 'La lingua del Santo' ('The Tongue of St. Anthony'), graphically revisits the concept of the medieval capital letter in a light-hearted and carefree way.

The thread running through these two different projects is the formal graphic basis underlying a surface treatment which emphasizes both the imperfections and imprecisions of some of the old printed pages and the less strict family resemblance among letters designed freely by hand.

Italian Design Forum
Moderated by Sergio Polano
2002 conference
Rome, Italy
19-22 September 2002

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