Carlo Buffa
Graphic Designer, teacher of advertising art at the Istituto Statale d'Arte Michele Fanoli in Cittadella PD, Italy

Since the mid-1970s my specialty has been advertising and visual communication.
However, I also practice illumination and miniature painting using traditional materials and methods, both as a teaching and research tool and for my own artistic expression. In addition to organizing and directing two international exhibitions of calligraphy and lettering in Cittadella ”The World of Calligraphy” and “La scrittura prende la parola” (Lettering finds its voice) on the use of lettering in film I also organized the international calligraphy competition “Belle Lettere” in 1997, which drew participants from all over the world.
The resulting publication “Belle Lettere” won the Fedrigoni Prize for graphic excellence.

The Shape of Language

Italian Design Forum
Moderated by Sergio Polano
2002 conference
Rome, Italy
19-22 September 2002

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